Our Cats Love To Dance

We have two cats, an 8-year-old grey called Melchett and a 9-month-old hyperactive tabby called Edmund, and also used to have a ginger tom called Baldrick. Our neighbour’s black cat Bob also comes to play in our garden.

The cats are all big fans of Strictly Come Dancing, and love to practice their dance moves indoors and in the garden. I try to keep up with them with the camera, and have been photographing cats since I got my first camera 40 years ago. I love photographing all animals, but just trying to keep up with our cats takes up most of my time!

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#1 The Twist

#2 Drivin’ Da Bus Wit Ma Feets On Da Pedal

#3 Ballet

#4 Break Dancing

#5 Caturday Night Fever

#6 West Side Story

#7 Disco

#8 Pole Dancing

#9 Hand Jive

#10 Body-Popping

#11 Paso Doble

#12 Flamenco

#13 90s Acid House

#14 The Charleston

#15 Putting On The Ritz

#16 Flashdance

#17 Modern

#18 The Jive

#19 Shadow Dancing

#20 The Macarena

#21 Tap Dancing

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