24 Reasons Why It’s So Cool You’re A Taller Person

#1 Hugs with short people is very weird.#2 The short people use you to reach the highest shelves.#3 Most beds are too short.#4 Everyone asks you how tall you are.#5 Nobody likes tall people in the concert.#6 Small cars are torture for you.#7 People have assumed that they can jump on your top without permission.#8 People are expecting that you play basketball well.#9 You can’t seeing your face without a stomp in the mirror.#10 Because of the tall legs, other people can’t go in your walking speed.#11 All pools are shallow for you.#12 You need to replace all the light bulbs.#13 You find it difficult to find suitable length clothes.#14 People ask them how much you have been grown since the last time they met.#15 Do you remember the last time you stretched your legs in the bath?#16 Driving in airplanes and buses is the cleanest torture.#17 Your knees are too high to stay under the table.#18 You do not hear what’s going on down there, you have to bend to listen to others.#19 When you take pictures, you should always stand on the back.#20 “What is the weather down there?”#21 People use you as a sun blocker.#22 You have weird feeling to meet a taller person then you, and it’s very rare.#23 Other people’s umbrellas are at your eye level.#24 People complain that they hurt their neck looking at you.

#You are used to harvest spider nets from cut.

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