Category: Architecture

  • Could You Live Your Entire Life In 13 m2 Small House?

    Can you imagine living your entire life out of an average-sized hotel room? Actually there is a house made by StudioMama and is simply called “13m2 house”. Husband-and-wife team Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama collaborated to turn a teeny North London space into a functional apartment. They wanted to get more space out of the home as […] More

  • This Is Most Millennial Home Idea: A Drain Pipe As Your Digs

    We have seen a lot of interesting and at the same time unbelievable home ideas, but this is the most millennial home idea yet: a drain pipe as your digs by Architecture firm James Law Cybertecture. Maybe it can seam as screenshot from the movie “Flushed Away”, but it is not. This is the Opod Tube House which is […] More

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  • Incredible Looking Home Made Entirely From Shipping Containers

    An office comprising a cluster of angled shipping containers, proposed for a site in Germany by James Whitaker but never realised, is now being built as a home in the California desert. Photo-realistic renderings of the proposed home by the London-based designer show a cluster of white cargo containers emerging like a starburst from a rocky site. Work is scheduled […] More

  • Top 10 Cool Buildings in Singapore You Might Not Have Noticed Before

    Many people think that there is not much to go on about when it comes to architecture in Singapore. We have prepared top 10 of cool and same time weird buildings in Singapore you might not have noticed before. #1 The Interlace, Bukit Merah The Interlace is a condominium in Singapore that has won multiple awards […] More

  • Japan Is Building An Unbelievable Skyscraper Out Of WOOD

    Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry is preparing the concept W350 Plan for creating a 350-meter-tall wooden high-rise building in 2041, which will mark the 350th year since foundation of the business in 1691. The cost of this building will be Y6 billion (US$5.5 or AU$7 billion). The aim is to create an environmentally-friendly and timber-utilizing cities where […] More

  • In Rome, Construction Workers Dig Up Ancient Military Barracks While Building Metro Station

    In Rome, two years ago construction workers expected to find nothing but dirt while digging up a new subway line in Rome. They thought wrong, and discovered an archeological find instead. Archaeological investigations for the new Metro C line began in 2006, with the first stations operational 8 years later. As work continues to expand […] More

  • This Is A Private Pool With Van Gogh Starry Night Mosaic

    Rich as hell and run out of things to spend your money on? Consider a pool with a tile mosaic floor that looks like a famous painting. An art-loving California homeowner had his new pool tiled to represent ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh. The only problem is that you can’t truly appreciate its […] More

  • This Is How The Practical Miniatures For Blade Runner 2049 Were Created

    Today we’re going to take a fantastic look behind the scenes from the Weta Workshop team and how they created the amazing miniatures from Blade Runner 2049 neo-noir sci-fi film directed by Denis Villeneuve. They published a video and also added some pictures on their Facebook page about how they build up there cinematography and concept design of miniatures from […] More