Category: Art

  • Silly Cat Drawings That Will Entertain You

    To draw a cat is easier than you can imagine. There are several cat drawing tutorials below and you can take bits and pieces from each of these tutorials to creatively design your own kitty cat cartoon. More: Instagram   More

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  • 80-Year-Old Wooden Escalators Was Turned Into A Surreal Sculpture

    It is always fun to look how other people can turn old thing into new ones. Artist Chris Fox was tasked with repurposing two pairs of timber escalators that were first installed at Sydney’s Wynyard Station in 1931. The escalators have carried passengers for over 80 years and slowly became an iconic symbol of the […] More

  • People Are Actually Buying These Jeans For 166 USD

    Unbelivabe, but people are really paying for nothing. Ripped jeans have been taken to a whole new level nobody knew existed – and they’ll set you back £122 in the process. That is, of course, if you don’t fancy cutting out every part of your own pair of jeans, except for around the seams. The […] More

  • Truly Realistic Flower Tattoo By Rit Kit Tattoo

    Want realistic tattoos? This artist takes real plants and makes them alive on your skin. It’s amazing that these plants look just as life-real as life. More info: Facebook                                 More

  • Miracle Art Where Unreal Things And Dreams Come True

    If you are an artist, you can put all your dreams in your art. Put all your imagination on paper and share it with others this wonderful dream. Justin Main creates a miracle art where the unreal things and all dreams come true. The kingdom of amazing dreams. More info: Instagram         […] More

  • Marvellous Coffee Art That Make Me Fall In Love With Coffee Again

    To make everyday coffee more enjoyable, this artist creates real art in coffee mugs. He paints in the coffee movie characters and cartoon pictures, various animals and even a proposals. This coffee is inspirational and make even more enjoyable coffee drinking. More info: Instagram                       […] More

  • Belarus Cyberpunk Fashion Week 2018 Is Something That You Haven’t Seen Before

    Fashions get ready behind the curtain prior to presenting creations of Belarussian dressmaker Tatyana Efremova all over the Belarus Style Week in Minsk, Belarus, 14 April 2018. Belarus Fashion Week is an international fashion event held twice a year in Minsk, Belarus. The event originated in 2010 and since has been successfully gathered producers, buyers […] More

  • A Huge David Bowie Installation Takes Over NYC Subway Station

    An installation paying tribute to one of rock’s most iconic figures is taking over the Broadway-Lafayette subway station in New York City.  It is a part of a wider exhibition dedicated to the late Starman held in the capital. Entitled “David Bowie is”, the event will run up to July 15 at the Brooklyn Museum and explores […] More

  • Master Of Ink: Circuits And Nature Unite By Georgie Williams

    If you love futuristic tattoos, you defensively need to look on New Zealand tattoo artist Georgie Williams’ work. Williams has traveled for two and a half years to extend her artistic universe which gave her the intuition that body and tattoos are a natural alliance. Fusing her interests in nature with architecture and technology, Georgie found […] More