Category: DIY

  • How To Start A Fire With A Lemon

    How many times has the lack of fire or lack of teeth killed you or someone you love in the wild? Do you dream of successfully following in Captain Sir John Franklin’s footsteps? Then let science be your sextant: learn how to make a battery and avoid scurvy with nothing more than a lemon, copper […] More

  • Using A Balloon Lets You Take Better Pop-Up Flash Photos

    When external flash units cost up to $900 it’s no wonder why people come up with incredible DIY solutions. Russian photographer duo “Koldunov Brothers” have just demonstrated how a simple balloon can greatly improve your photos. The trick is to hold the balloon against a built-in flash light. It acts as a diffuser and smoothens […] More

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  • My Personal Tribute To Two Amazing Legends

    January has been very cruel – it took away two of the world’s most innovative and amazing artists – David Jones and Alan Rickman. I grew up with them, got inspired by them and felt heartbroken once they were gone. You will be missed, but your incredible personalities will live on through your work! I […] More

  • I Make Realistic Hand-Crafted Miniatures And Tiny Worlds

    I was born and raised in Brazil – Sao Paulo in the 80s. Currently I work for a major broadcast television network, as a Motion Designer. The fact that I have built a solid career as a designer over 20 years only brought benefits when I decided to venture as miniaturist, 6 years ago. My […] More

  • Woman Restores Old Van To Travel Around The World With Her Dog

    Marina Piro has a serious case of wanderlust. She was born in Italy, she lives in the UK, and now she’s traveling around the world with her rescue dog, a labradoodle cross called Odie, in a old van called Pam. The vehicle is a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo, and she restored it herself after researching […] More

  • We Made A Lampshade Using Only A Simple Ball And Air Dry Clay

    We made an awesome lampshade using just a ball and some air dry clay. I know this is usually done by a 3D printer but how awesome is this way of making it? Plus there is no size limit! Check out the photos and video below! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 […] More

  • We Turned Old Wood And Rusty Chain Into A Coffee-Table

    Hello! I want to show you the table that me and my husband made over past 3 weeks. We are one of those couples, who have totally opposite styles, and yet manage to work together. Passion for upcycling is common denominator. It all started at the local metal junk yard, where I found a long […] More

  • Portal Mirrors Are The Coolest Way To Decorate Your Room

    What better way to spice up your room than with your own made portal mirrors? Inspired by the video game Portals, these mirrors will not only make your room look more playful, but also give it a trippy infinity effect. Oh, and tie the room together – literally! The best part? They’re super easy to […] More

  • Woman Paints Staircase With Her Favorite Book Covers

    Pippa Branham and her husband moved to their first permanent home just last year, which meant it was finally time for Pippa to personalize their home. Her first target was the staircase. Pippa wanted to make the stairs safer for children, so she thought carpeting the stairs (£200) would be a good idea. That was […] More

  • You Can Make This Cozy Giant Blanket In Just 4 Hours

    Winter is coming. Luckily, with extreme knitting you can create a giant-sized blanket to keep you warm and cozy throughout those long and cold nights. Stranger to the craft? Don’t worry, one blogger created an awesome tutorial to get you started. Usually, you need really big knitting needles for projects like these, but Laura Birek […] More