Category: Nature

  • Adidas Is Selling A Million Shoes Made From Ocean Plastic

    Plastic in the oceans is global problem that need to be solved. By 2050, there’d be more plastic in the sea than fish, according to science. To help prevent this scenario from happening, Adidas made and sold a million running shoes out of ocean waste last year. The project, which started in 2015, is a […] More

  • These Are Vegan Sneakers Made From Mushrooms

    German designer sneaker brand, Nat-2, have teamed up with mushroom leather product designer extraordinaire Nina Fabert, to design the shoes. A new vegan sneaker design is giving a totally new meaning to foot fungus by turning mushrooms into environmentally friendly shoes. So now you can save a cow and look cool at the same time. […] More

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  • An Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village Gets Reclaimed By Nature

    Whenever new photographs arise of manmade structures gone untouched for years, it’s hard to look away. Some photos are haunting and eerie, yet these lush, green-shrouded buildings on Gougi island, in China’s Yangtze River, are anything but eerie. Instead, they reveal a tranquil sense of what happens when nature reclaims the land. Gouqi island is located in […] More

  • A 100+ Year Old Tree Growing Inside A Church In Greece

    This amazing church is located at Samarina, Greece, built in 1812. It is devoted to Virgin Mary and every year on the 15th of August a great celebration takes place in the village gathering visitors from all over the country. At some point a small pine tree grew inside the church’s temple and now it […] More

  • ‘Mlynki’ In Ukraine – One Of The Most Beautiful Cave You Should Visit

    With crystal lined walls glittering deep beneath the earth’s surface, these mesmerising scenes are taken from inside what could well be the world’s most beautiful cave. The Mlynki is a rare crystal cave which lies in the Ternopil region of Ukraine and is known for the multi-coloured gypsum crystals which adorn its walls and twinkle […] More

  • He Transformed 4,100 Pounds Of Electronic Waste Into Art

    Electronic waste is a fast-growing waste stream. Photographer Ben Von Wong set himself on a mission to make people become more aware of it – using his art. He gathered 4,100 pounds of electronic waste and built sets for an incredible series of portraits to raise awareness of this growing issue. Benjamin Von Wong is notorious for […] More