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  • ‘Star Wars’ Baby Furniture By Creative Dad That Will Amaze You

    Designer and builder Matt Regonini is not only obsessed with making things, but he’s also a longtime fan of Star Wars. So when his 8-month-old son Ellis entered the picture, he naturally had the idea to build Star Wars-inspired kids’ furniture — and the results have been amazing. More info: Instagram   More

  • Portraits By Peter Zelewski Shows How Different Identical Twins Are

    London based portrait and documentary photographer Peter Zelewski has spent the last couple of years exploring the special world of identical twins. He was questioning what makes them different of identical twins from each other as their unique personalities shine through. He started a project “Alike But Not Alike” which shows how different identical twins are. “When I first […] More

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  • This is The World’s First Transformable Highchair Suitcase

    Unbelievable, but finally, parents, your dreams have come true! This might look like an ordinary suitcase, but this piece of luggage from design firm KAMO turns into a high chair in seconds. Complete with built-in baby wipes to clean up mealtime messes. Parents, your dreams have come true. New York, New York –– November 14th, 2017–– KAMO, […] More

  • In Dubai, designers unveil $60,000 gold-plated baby crib

    We all love our children and want the best for them, but would you like to buy gold-plated baby crib for your child? For the upcoming INDEX exhibition in Dubai, designers Marta Buzalska and Darius Panczyk have unveiled the ridiculously exorbitant Luulu Bed. Priced at AED222,000 (US$60,000 or AUS$76,000), it’s plated with 24-karat gold, encrusted […] More

  • Mother Gets Criticized Over Son's Zombie Cake Photo Shoot

    Little Phoenix celebrated his first birthday smiling in front of the camera during a zombie-themed photoshoot. When his mom shared it online, however, the internet wasn’t smiling at all. Australian mother Amy Louise has received a huge wave of backlash for organizing her toddler such a “disgusting,” “morbid,” and “offensive” experience. In response, she shared […] More

  • Three Little Sisters Recreate Oscar-Nominated Movie Scenes

    “One family’s journey through the best picture nominees.” This is how the author of “Don’t call me Oscar” herself describes the project. Seven years ago Maggie Storino, a mother-of-three, received a black tutu for her baby girl and took a picture of it, inspired by the Oscar-nominated movie “Black Swan.” The feedback was amazing, and […] More

  • If You Thought You Are Ready To Be A Parent, First Check Out Dad-With-For-Daughters Instagram

    Parenting is hard., isn’t it? But it is Harder when you have 4 daughters. Simon Hooper, a London dad and owner of the @father_of_daughters Instagram account, has jumped onto social media to describe his parenting experiences with his 4 girls, all under 10 years.  The photos are each captioned with all too real day-to-day parent struggles, such […] More

  • Photos Reveal What It’s Like To Raise Boys

    As someone who was the only child in the family, I had always thought that having a few brothers would make my life way more fun. Sara Easter, a photographer from Arlington, Texas, has been documenting the day-to-day life of her three sons (4,7, and 9), and her candid shots only support my childhood fantasy. […] More