Category: Tech

  • These Are Vegan Sneakers Made From Mushrooms

    German designer sneaker brand, Nat-2, have teamed up with mushroom leather product designer extraordinaire Nina Fabert, to design the shoes. A new vegan sneaker design is giving a totally new meaning to foot fungus by turning mushrooms into environmentally friendly shoes. So now you can save a cow and look cool at the same time. […] More

  • Your Dream Comes True – A Giant Robot That You Can Control From Inside

    I guess we all remember movies and animations with giant robots from our childhood – the robots in which you could get in and control it. Japanese engineer Masaaki Nagumo always watched Mobile Suit Gundam, and much of his childhood was spent dreaming that he could one day suit up as a giant robot from his favorite […] More

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  • We Don’t See Aliens Because of Cosmic Gorilla Effect

    Where are the aliens? It is a known paradox described by Enrico Fermi – there are so many stars and yet no trace of aliens or any evidence about their existence. Well, second part may be incorrect. We are so busy watching what we know that we complete ignore them. That is what you call […] More

  • A Beard Shaping Tool Is What You Really Would Like To Have

    This tool is the 1-millimeter thin Beardclass Beard Shaping Tool (along with a beard comb, beard scissors and a keychain) that you definitely would like to have just because it costs just 17 $. Give your beard that professionally-trimmed look any time. The template offers six types of lines for curved and straight cuts, a super-thin edge […] More

  • This is Nintendo Super Famigun Concept You Would Like To Have

    Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto founded in 3 September 1889; 128 years ago. The Nintendo Super Famicom (Super Nintendo/SNES) is a light-gun concept designed for quite possibly the greatest console of all time. Inspired to look more like an industrialised object and less toy-like than the […] More

  • This Is Fully Functional Pi Bike Made Out In The Shape Of Pi

    If you love both Bikes and Math then this bicycle is definitely for you. Creatives Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas unveiled a one-of-a-kind bicycle that’s in the shape of the π, it happened last year, March 14 – in a day also known as Pi Day (March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s b-day). This Bike known as “Pi […] More

  • This Is New Generation Of Toilet – Smart Toilet For $14,000

    Probably you are thinking how the toilet can cost $14,000 , but this is not just a toilet, this is smart toilet – it self-cleans, it auto flushes, the dream for many – it heats your seat, and also it deodorizers on demand. This smart toilet made in Japan does everything except send emails, it […] More