Tips And Advice Of Best Kitchen Plants And How To Grow Them!

Have you ever wondered to have plants in the kitchen? It is nice to have something green and fresh around you. Generally, kitchens have good ventilation with large windows that provide plenty of light and fresh air. But not all plants are intended for kitchen! Here you will find tips and advice of best kitchen plants and how to grow them!

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How much light your kitchen receives?

This is the first and most important step that will decide whether you can grow plants in your kitchen or not. Does your kitchen have a window that receives some amount of direct sunlight? South facing window would be best. It’s simple, the more sunlight the better. If your kitchen window receives indirect sun you’ll need to grow plants that grow without direct sunlight.

Which plants can you have in the kitchen?

Plants that can survive changes in temperature and air currents are best. Outdoor plants, if they are placed in a location with good ventilation and lighting can adapt easily into the kitchen, but be sure to remove them a few days abroad.

Grow herbs on a kitchen window

The kitchen is the ideal place to grow herbs. Grow herbs on a kitchen windowsill or in a hanging basket. Herbs will not only decorate your kitchen but you’ll get fresh leaves handily to prepare delicious dishes.

Edibles and flowers that you can grow in the kitchen

Herbs such as rosemary, lavender, basil, parsley, lemon balm, lemon grass, mint, oregano, cilantro, and thyme are easy to grow. You can also plant scented geraniums, African violet, begonia and impatiens to enjoy the beautiful flowers. In edibles, small and easy to grow plants like ginger, garlic, green onions, spinach are perfect options. You can also try to grow a lemon tree.

Easiest kitchen plants

The easiest kitchen plants you can have are aloes, snake plant, pothos, philodendrons, ferns, spider plant, ivies and much more. You can also combine these or herbs with other ornamental plants to decorate your kitchen and to make the cooking more enjoyable.

Grow air purifying and air freshening plants

Some plant species, in particular, have the capacity to absorb odors and purify air and are good to grow in the kitchen, like the peace lily, jasmine, mum, geranium, mint, Boston fern, rubber plant and gerbera daisy. Take advantage of these natural air fresheners to purify the air in your kitchen.

Try succulents, they are low maintenance

Prefer plants that require little care and attention and adjust well to your conditions, not to mention the species of succulents and cacti, they are ideal to have at home as they are nearly maintenance free and do very well indoors.

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