DIY Step-By-Step Tutorial How To Make No-Sew Unicorn Hoodie

Now you can make cute unicorn hoodie for you kids or yourself without sewing. So, if you think that you are really bad in sawing , but want to make something beautiful, then this DIY Step-By-Step Tutorial how to make no-sew unicorn hoodie is for you!

With a few supplies from the craft store, you’ll have the perfect unicorn hoodie!

Get all materials and follow the steps!

You will need following materials and tools:

-hot glue


-paper clip

-cotton balls

-colored felt sheets



Step 1. Cut out felt pieces from template

Step 2. Create the ears

Step 3. Create the flowers

Create the petals

Create the flowers

Step 4. Create the horn

Step 5. Then mark the hoodie for ear and horn placement...

..and attach the horn.

Use safety pins to secure

Step 6. Attach the ears

Step 7. Attach the flowers and eyes

Step 8. Create and attach the mane

Step 9. Create and attach the tail

That's all! Awesome DIY Unicorn Hoodie is ready!

Your kid will love it!

You also can make it for yourself, just get bigger hoodie!

So cute!

DIY Unicorn Hoodie

DIY Unicorn Hoodie

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