Our DIY Tim Burton Tandem Bicycle Inspired By His Movies

My girlfriend and I love bike riding. We also love Tim Burton’s works, so we combined these two passions together and decided to make our own tandem bike.

It took us 6 months to build it. I had two old bicycles just collecting dust in my garage. One is an old Russian bicycle from the 50′ (the front) and another is a Serbian made from the 90′ (the rear). The coffin is made from wood, and it can hold two 2L bottles. The valve caps are carved from pool 8 ball key chains.

We try to put as many details from Tim Burton’s movies as we can. Burton’s characters that we used are: Jack Skellington (as a pumpkin had and as a skull) and Zero from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Scraps and Bonejangles from “Corpse Bride”, Beetlejuice and Lydia from “Beetlejuice”, Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, the martian ambassador from “Mars Attacks!”, the headless horseman from “Sleepy Hollow” and Sparky from “Frankenweenie”.

The last parts that we put on it were the lanterns. When we ride our tandem everyone who sees us smiles. Maybe we put something more on it. We think that some scissors are missing from it! :)






















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