45+ DIY Halloween Garden Ideas That Will Help You To Surprise Your Neighbors

A roundabout of more then 45 fun and scariest DIY Halloween Garden Ideas for your outdoors to try!

Huge Bloodshot Eyes

Scatter a bunch of giant bloodshot eyeballs in your yard for a large-scale Halloween decoration that onlookers will remember till years later.

Gleaming Pods

Greet trick-or-treaters with these DIY hanging paper mache lights that take on a sinister glow once the sun goes down.

Yard Sign

Inspired by the old signs often shown in horror movies, this one is made from scrap wood and serves to invite guests to a destination of doom and gloom.

Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes

Eyeballs in a Tree

Who knew that a giant pair of eyeballs could add so much personality to that good old tree in your garden!

Hanging Foam Bats

Hanging up weatherproof bats on a huge tree in your yard is a nice way to create a mystical aura.

Eerie Chicken Wire Ghost

This ghost carved from chicken wires looks all poised and ready to shock unsuspecting visitors. All you need is a plantation of “What’s that in the corner.

Zombie Hand Planters

We bet you never guessed that lending a helping hand in the garden could be so grotesque.

DIY Lawn Ghost

Wish to make a spooky statement without spending much time or energy? Try this lawn ghost DIY

Candy Corn Touch Up

A wheelbarrow of candy corn in the garden is a refreshing sight to behold, especially in a colony brimming with ghoulish Halloween decorations.

Spooky Yard Aura

Eerily cute caricatures with disturbing facial expressions are just the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Suspended Cocooned Spider

Huge cocooned spiders hanging from tree branches are just the props you need to heighten the spooky appeal of your garden.

Giant Garden Spider DIY

This huge spider web takes little time to weave and has your guests raving over your creativity.

Gigantic Tentacle Monster

Your first instinct with a stray manhole sewer in your garden is to seal it obviously, but we suggest you use it as a crawling hole for this gigantic tentacle monster. It’s easy to build and makes a big impression.

Zombie Boom

This project combines two things of your interest: zombies and budget-friendly craft supplies. Give it a shot for the best looking garden this Halloween.

Arachnid on the Run!

Coming in contact with a magnified version of the good old garden spider is the worst nightmare of every trick-or-treater. And the best part is that the screams and swears will come through before they realize it’s fake!

Halloween Cemetery Fence

Sometimes the simplest of things can make you shudder. Take this DIY idea for example. It recreates the typical cemetery fence scene in your yard using thrifty finds from the dollar store.

Shady Cemetery Fence

Take a cue from this DIY to convert your yard into a gloomy cemetery space complete with crosses, tombstones, and fence. Don’t hesitate to toss a stray bone or two on the ground just for peeps!

Lonely Yard Zombie

Inspired from the dreaded zombie apocalypse, this creepy caricature is perfect as a paintball target for vibrant Halloween parties for the little tots.

Eco-Friendly Skeleton

Fewer things are creepier than a full-size skeleton swaying creepily in the dark of the night.

Tombstone Lawn

Ditch fairy lights and flower pots for grim props like tombstones to line the garden path. They will create a nice ambush for you when you need to hide to scare the neighbors’ kids.

Home-Grown Zombies

An arm clawing its way through soil looks like a moaning zombie desperate to emerge from his miserable grave. Place it on your garden bed or on your balcony or front porch to creep out people.

Jar Luminaries

Light up a lone corner of your yard with this assortment of glowing luminaries that can be constructed with a few dollar store materials.

Purrrrrfect Pumpkins

A quirky twist on the quintessential fall icon, these gleaming pumpkins, which are spray painted and stacked together to make a black cat. We’re quite sure that these aren’t the kind of kitties you would want to snuggle up to.

The Witch’s Larder

In this one-of-a-kind DIY, old bottles salvaged from the spice rack are used as containers for imaginative potions of the witches.

Sacks of Spiders

With a polka-dotted appearance from afar, these cringe-worthy spider sacks are sure to unnerve your visitors and add an unsettling feel to an otherwise pretty home exterior.

White Sheets Belong in the Past

Traditional ghost mimics made from white sheets are too mainstream, don’t you think? This DIY shows you how to make sinister figures that glow in the dark and recreate the graveyard mood in your garden! Have fun grouping the ghosts together as a sinister couple or a bunch of baddies.

Witchy Black Pumpkins

This genius DIY idea is available at BHG.com; it shows you how to play with light and darkness to create the illusion of eerie floating pumpkins from a distance.

Hooded Ghouls

Such cool idea to terrify people by creating something like these.

Cryptic Coffin

Lean it up against your front wall, or lay it in the yard along with some fairy lightings for nighttime viewing.

Time to Bring the Party Outdoors

Spook visitors at a distance with this ominous arrangement of witches and poles all highlighted with lights that let out a sinister glow at night.

Ghosts in a Ring

Fill your yard with these ominous creatures made from sheets, poles and mannequin heads. And for a creepier look, pose those ghosts to hold hands or bend at awkward angles.

The Beastly Barbies

Create creepy versions of your favorite Barbie dolls with an assortment of paints and dyes. Don’t bother using lights or anything; those bloody red mouths and ghoulish eyes will do the trick.

Grim Warnings

Placing this disturbing warning sign at the garden is a nice way to repel timid visitors on Halloween.

Mummy Madness

Nighttime lighting at strategic spots will breathe new life into this creature when the sun goes down.

Terrifying Stray Cat

Black cats come in the category of all things creepy. So why not use their caricatures to raise a few hairs this Halloween! Easy to trace, cut and paint, this is the perfect DIY project to follow.

Wicked Pumpkin Man

This haunting Halloween figure standing alone in the expanse of your yard is enough to scare anyone.

Creepily Colorful Cemetery

Foam headstones have been decorated with floodlights to create a bizarre mix of color and gloom in this unique DIY.

It’s the Monster’s Mail

Place this ghoulish arm on the mailbox to ward off anyone who dares to open your mailbox. And while you’re at it, have your camera handy to capture the startled expression of the mailman.

Spine-Tingling Spider Webs

With this massive web of spiders and skeletons, your Halloween decoration is going to complete.

Spine-chilling Pumpkin Scarecrow

Towering high above people, this larger-than-life pumpkin scarecrow is the exact kind of decor for creating a visual impact outdoors.

Wicked Pumpkin Scarecrow

This wicked little figure with its skeleton hands and pumpkin face is sure to evoke awe and fear. Create a couple of them to heighten the scary element of your Halloween barbeque.

Wheelbarrow of Dread

This elaborate spread of macabre-looking items is just what you need to update your garden for Halloween.

Witches’ Brewing Post

This DIY Halloween garden idea is for those who don’t mind going over-the-top with Halloween decorations. Create this elaborately eerie scene with a cauldron, some hanging luminaries, few creepy witches, some ghoulish-looking pumpkins and lots of old tree branches for support.

Spying Skeleton

Enamor your visitors with this gloomy skeleton emerging eerily from the shattered coffin. Add backlighting to make it scarier and place the arrangement in the yard.

Halloween in White

Want to try this unique idea, get the inspiration

Fairy Tree Hideaway

Winter is about to come so why not invite mythical creatures to your yard with this intriguing fairy housing complex.

Pretty Pumpkin Path

Line up your garden path with decorative pumpkins to infuse a positive feel to your outdoor area on Halloween.

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