35+ Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

These easy Halloween crafts for kids will have your little pumpkins more excited than ever about the fall season, which is why we've rounded up our favorites to share with you.

Spider Suckers

Lollipops get a scary twist dressed as a bunch of creepy crawlers.

Spider Web Halloween Craft

Adorable spiderwebs make the perfect not-so-scary decorations for littles ones to make.

Rainbow Paper Tube Bats

These colorful creatures are filled with goodies that will make kids go absolutely batty.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

This pumpkin decorating idea will have kiddos in awe as they watch crayons melt into colorful patterns.

Bat Sock Puppet

Your kid can get batty with their own handmade puppet.

Step 1: Begin by sliding one hand inside a children's black crew sock, until your fingertips reach the end of the sock and its heel rests on the palm of your hand. Using our photo as a guide, determine where the ears, eyes, mouth, fangs, and wings will go; mark with chalk. Remove sock.

Step 2: Hand-stitch two red button eyes in place, then hand-stitch on a single-line mouth with red embroidery floss. Cut out two black felt triangles for the ears and two white felt triangles for the fangs; hand-stitch all in place.

Step 3: Download, print, and cut out our batwing template. Use chalk to trace the shape onto a piece of black felt at least 5"W x 14"L. Cut out and hand-stitch the shape in place atop the sock.

Paper Jack-o'-Lanterns

Cut the carving with way less messy Halloween pumpkins. Simply cut facial features and stems from construction paper and apply to orange tissue balls with glue dots.

Spooky Paper Cutouts

Using our templates for spiders, bones, and skulls, anyone (even the little ones) can help make some creepy decor.

Step 1: Cut a 5"W x 18"L strip from a 12"W x 18"L sheet of construction paper. Measure in three inches from one of the five-inch ends and mark. From there, measure and mark four more times.

Step 2: Fold paper at the first mark. Then flip over and fold again at the next mark. Keep flipping and folding, making an accordion shape.

Step 3: Print the template of your choice and cut as directed.

Step 4: Center it atop the folded paper, and trace around the shape with a pencil.

Step 5: Carefully cut out the shape, going through all the layers of folded paper, and unfold to reveal. To create a longer row, repeat steps and adhere garlands together with tacky glue.

Cat Face Garland

Help your kids cut out purr-fect black cat faces for a glowing garland.

Step 1: Download our cat face template.

Step 2: Using a white pencil, trace the template onto black card stock and cut out desired number of faces.

Step 3: Fringe the sides of the cat's face and the top of its head with scissors.

Step 4: For each cat, cut three pieces of black waxed twine, about 4" long. Knot them together in the center of the twine, and glue to the cat's face as whiskers.

Step 5: Toward the horizontal center of the cat's face, use a standard single-hole punch to create holes for eyes about 21/2" apart.

Step 6: Hang string lights and position cat faces on 2 lightbulbs, one in each eye hole.

Haunted House Paper Bag

This spooktacular haunted house can be made with as much or a little detail as your child wants, making it appropriate for all ages.

Felt Pumpkin Treat Bag

With just a few supplies and stitches required, this felt pumpkin bag is the perfect introduction to sewing.

Halloween Clay Handprint Keepsake

Preserve your child's adorable little handprint forever with this festive craft.

DIY Monster Bookmarks

Encourage kids to read at school and at home with these colorful monster bookmarks.

Paper Plate Pumpkins

Watch your toddler's eyes light up when they see their very own jack-o'-lantern come to life from a mere paper plate and construction paper.

Bat Pillow

Youngsters will go batty for this fun and colorful pillow project, which they can proudly display during the month of October.

DIY Halloween Puzzle Craft

This easy project is a Halloween craft and game in one. Plus, this blogger shows you how to make them reversible.

Halloween Paper Lantern

Kids will be amazed when they see these Halloween paper lanterns take shape with just a few scissor cuts.

Leaf Ghost Craft

Send the kids out to forage for fallen leaves and then head indoors to make these un-boo-lievably cute ghosts.

Spider Cookie Sandwiches

The only thing better than a Halloween project is one you can eat! These cute cookie spiders are just the the thing to make together after school.

Get the tutorial  HERE.

Cotton Ball Ghost Craft

Your kids will be so proud of these boo-tiful (and adorable!) ghosts.

Googly Eye Halloween Treat Bags

Little ones can attach the googly eyes on these goody bags with glue while you stuff them with treats, or vice versa!

Candy Corn Party Hat

This cute candy corn hat is perfect for Halloween parties, dress-up and play time, or even to wear as part of a Halloween costume.

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Cut an apple in half and voilà! You've got an easy-to-use stamp for making pumpkin-printed cards and more.

Paper Pumpkins

These paper pumpkins may look fancy, but they're actually super easy to make.

Halloween Party Poppers

Let your kids customize the outside of these party poppers (which double as party decor and favors) after you've stuffed them with Halloween treats and candy.

Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Kids will be entertained for hours with this Halloween-themed tic-tac-toe game they can make from scratch.

Festive Finger Puppets

These tiny trinkets are just the thing to keep your children occupied when grocery shopping or driving in the car.

Monster Lollipops

Kids can make their very own Halloween candy to pass out to classmates or dish out to trick-or-treaters with this edible craft project.

Halloween Pins

Youngsters can celebrate Halloween all month long by wearing these clay pins, which are shaped with cookie cutters, on their backpack or clothes.

Treat Box Haunted House

Paper treat boxes are the perfect base for kids to dream up and decorate their own haunted houses. Make a set and then display them on your mantel like you would a Christmas village.

Painted Pumpkin Owl

While some pumpkin carving ideas can be a bit too tricky for little ones, this painting project is easy enough for even the youngest crafters.

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Not only can you and your kids mix together this nail polish (with proper supervision, of course!), but you can also take turns painting each other's nails. Two activities for the price of one makes this the ultimate bonding craft.

Confetti-Dipped Pumpkins

This fun, two-part DIY will delight your kids, and it can pull double duty as decor at your big Halloween bash. First, your kids can paint these mini pumpkins; next, they'll have fun dipping them in confetti (just so long as you've done the trickier glue work beforehand!).

Yarn Wrapped Mummies

As long as kids are old enough to wrap yarn around cardboard or card stock, this craft might even become one of their favorites. You can even string together their finished masterpieces to create a cute garland.

Duct Tape Pumpkins

Carving with little kids can sometimes be challenging, especially if you've got more than one running around. This year, try using festive duct tape instead! Googly eyes—affixed to the tape with craft glue—are the finishing touch.

DIY Silly Ghost Balloons

Who says ghosts have to be scary? These ones certainly aren't. Let your kids take turns drawing their own faces on the outside of the ghost "bodies" that drape over these balloons, or just take requests for different expressions: silly, worried, happy, and so on!

Day of the Dead Pillows

his DIY sugar skull pillow may look too beautiful and sophisticated to be an easy kids craft, but we assure you, it is! The "face" is constructed almost entirely out of scraps of colorful felt. We suggest cutting out shapes for your kids (ages 8 and up will get the most out of this one), then letting them at the pillows with some fabric glue.

Paper Bag Monster Puppets

Another perfect option for the youngest children in your family, these comical paper puppets will have them laughing for days. The best part? You don't have to put them away once Halloween's over.

Rainbow Pumpkins

Here's an impossibly easy craft for kids that you can display proudly—and not just because it was made by your little ones! Pick out a few complementary hues (the tutorial below has some excellent suggestions), then let your kids go to town painting the pumpkins.

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