The Most Unflattering Royal Portraits in History 2

Royalties of all times had loved having portraits of themselves. The portraits are always very flattering to show the best of the royalty, bu that wasn't always the case. Some of the royal portraits are heinously unflattering and and ugly.

However, It's not always the artist's fault that the painting comes out looking pretty nightmarish, some royalty's looks are just slightly below average.

There are also artists throughout history who created intentionally bad portraits, as a means of criticizing a royal individual or family. Whether the result of bad artistry or royal inbreeding, these royal embarrassments are now our enjoyment.

King Charles II of Spain by Luca Giordano, 1693

Archduchess Maria Anna of Bavaria by an Unknown Artist, c. 1600

King Henry VIII by Peter Isselburg and Cornelis Metsys, 1646

King James II of Scotland by an Unknown Artist, 15th Century

Queen Elizabeth I of England by an Unknown Artist, 16th Century

Photo Credit: National Trust, Ta

British (English) School; Elizabeth I (1533-1603); National Trust, Tatton Park;

King Philip IV of Spain by Gaspar de Crayer, 1627-28

Queen Elizabeth I of England by an Unknown Artist, c. 1610

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, by Stuart Pearson Wright, 2004

King Ferdinand II of Spain by Michel Sittow, 15th/16th Century

King Ferdinand VII of Spain by Francisco Goya, 1815

Emperor Maximilian I of the Holy Roman Empire by Bernhard Strigel, 15th/16th Century

King Frederik VII of Denmark by an Unknown Artist, 19th Century

Mary, Queen of Scots, and James I by an Unknown Artist, 16th Century

Queen Caroline of the United Kingdom by James Lonsdale, 1820

Photo Credit: National Portrait

Lonsdale, James; Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick; National Portrait Gallery, London;

Prince Sergei Golitsyn of Russia by Gio Battista Ortolani Damon, 1800s

King Louis XVI of France by Antoine-François Callet, 1788

King Philip IV of Spain by Diego Velázquez, 1643

King George III of Great Britain by Henry Meyer, 181

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